Monday, May 20, 2019

10 Super Cute Spring Photo Shoot Ideas You Need To Try

I'm pretty sure in all places now it officially feels like spring! Where I live we usually skip spring and go straight onto summer after winter, but the weather gods are being nice this year. That's why I thought it would be a perfect time to show y'all some cute spring photo shoot ideas! I've been wanting to get more creative with my photos on my Instagram so I was researching this myself the other day. I found some of the cutest ideas that I just had to share. If you want some cute and easy photo ideas you can try right now you're in the right place. :)

*almost of these photos are from pinterest and I don't own them. If you are the owner and want me to take them down/give credit please email me at

Ok now let's get started!

1. Holding Flowers

Flowers are the best prop! They make any lame photo instantly cuter. Plus if you're holding something it's so much easy to take a pic. It's less awkward especially if you aren't that experienced in being a model because you actually have somewhere to put your hands. 

2. Flowers in Hair

Mentioning flowers again just because they pretty much represent spring! Putting flowers in your hair is super easy and it easily gives you that extra little almost editorial touch. Plus it's really fun! 


Bubbles are so fun to play with and take the cutest pics. Plus there are two ways to do it! Number one you (or whoever is the subject) could actually be blowing the bubbles. Have fun with it and smile! Number two you could just have the bubbles in front of you. This gives the photo a cute magical playful vibe.

Empty Field 

Shout out to my girl Olivia for letting me use her pic. :)

Even if you live in a big city (like me) I'm sure you can find an empty field (an empty lot works too!!). They're really fun to take photos in because there is so much room. You can do whatever you want. Plus depending on where you are you could make it look like you're in an abandoned place or in the middle of nowhere. 


Diner pics are perfect for the spring/summer time! If there is a cute restaurant/cafe near you, then usssse it! There are so many cute photo opportunities.  

Bright Colors 


I'm almost certain every city has some kind of bright mural wall! Look it up online! Bright colors make the absolute best pictures (and totally feel like spring). Maybe bring some props and have fun. :)


I took some super cute pictures with leaves and an umbrella during the fall so I'm for spring you can substitute it with petals and it would be just as cute!! What was did was we filled up the umbrella with the leaves and put it over our heads and snapped a dozen pics as they fell. 

Tennis Court 

I have been wanting to take pics at a tennis court for the longest time! I have seen so many shoots with that location and they all look adorable. I would recommend before going to shoot looking up "tennis court photo shoot" so that you have pose ideas and know what kind of photos you want to capture. 


If trees are in bloom around you, then take ADVANTAGE! You can climb it, you can stand in front of it, you can put your head in the branches. Flowers make an absolutely gorgeous background.

Flower Crown 

The flower crown phase may kind of be over but I don't think flower crowns are ever going away. I absolutely love them and I think if you capture them in a certain way it can make you look like some kind of spring flower princess which is of course what we all aspire to be. :)

Should I do more photo idea posts? What is your favorite season? What season is it where you are?


  1. I love all of these ideas so much!! especially the bubble one, it's so bright but whimsical. AND NOW I WISH IT WAS FALL SO I COULD HAVE LEAVES FALL ON MY HEAD.

    1. I'm so happy you like them! Fall leaf photos are the best.

  2. Oh, great photo ideas! I really want to try some of these!

  3. I've taken photos in a tennis court and it's so darn FUN! And recently I did a photo shoot involving skim milk and fruit slices (peep that on IG soon...). These are such creative ideas and I love that you included some of your own photos as examples. :)

    xx Rosie

    1. You have the best photos!! I love your IG!

  4. All of these photoshoot ideas look amazing, and the photos you posted to illustrate them are beautiful! They would look fabulous in a fashion and lifestyle magazines. Amazing post!
    My favourite season is Spring (right now) and I'm wishing it could last forever.

    1. I'm so happy you liked the post!! Spring is definitely super high on my list of favorites.

  5. Helpful! I really want to start posting photos on my Instagram, so that's helpful ;D I would love to see more posts with photo ideas from you! My favourite season is definitely summer <3

    1. Yay I'm so happy this was helpful! I would love to see more pics of you on your insta! You're in luck then as I think I'm going to do summer ideas next. :)


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